Faces of Choice
Stories of Women Who Faced an Impossible Decision Under Extreme Circumstances

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you find the women to interview? 

We began by asking our friends to spread the word of this project and looking for online support groups for women who had given their babies up for adoption or had become pregnant with multiple fetuses or had pregnancies marred by a diagnosis of genetic defects. Word spread from there and in the space of three years, 150 women were interviewed for this project.

 How did you choose which stories to share?

We initially chose the stories that felt the least “stereotypical” in an effort to illuminate the ones that people don’t tend to imagine when they hear the word “choice” or “abortion.”  As the site grows, we will incorporate more stories in an effort to further inform and educate readers. Ultimately, we believe that everyone’s story deserves to be heard.

 What was the interview process like?

Due to concerns about anonymity, the interviewer was available to be contacted via phone or email, according to the interviewee’s preference.  There were often several phone calls or emails that began with a standard boilerplate of questions and became more specific upon hearing unique details.  If there were things that required further research, such as specific genetic anomalies or medical procedures, that research was done by the interviewer.

What if I send you my story and later change my mind about having it appear on the website?

We understand that it is tremendously daunting to think about sharing such intimate stories and respect your right to ask that yours be removed at any time. Please email us and we will take it down as soon as possible.

 What if someone leaves hateful or threatening comments on a story or in the discussion forum?

All of the comments to the site will be moderated. No hateful or threatening speech will be tolerated on this website.  We want to engender thoughtful discussion in a supportive community, not promote any one person’s or group’s agenda.

Why have you chosen to be anonymous as the site creator and moderator? 

Unfortunately, we live in a time when people’s lives, families, friends and personal property can be compromised simply because of their beliefs. While we don’t believe we are doing anything wrong by creating and supporting this community, there may be individuals or groups who disagree with us and may choose to harm us by attacking us physically. In order to protect ourselves and our loved ones, we have chosen to remain anonymous and allow those who visit this site to tell their stories or simply participate in the discussions to remain anonymous as well.  We don’t believe that it is necessary to know identifying details of any individual in order to communicate with each other on this level.